Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Surrounding Area and Part of the Parco Pollino

I guess that what with the discussion over at about the choice of a writer's studio and the excitement and fretting over buying a new home over at : I got to thinking that I'd probably choose, if I could, to use the covered balcony of our home in southern Italy as an al fresco writer's studio where I could read, sip caffe macchiato, swat flies and write poetry. Although, not necessarily in that order. Ah la bella vita!


Kook Dukes said...

this isnt billyteabags is it?

Nick said...

I'm afraid not, although I have been known to sip the occasional Earl Grey. :-)


loveandsalt said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my--an excellent choice. Perfect, lovely...home.

Nick said...


We built the home in 94 before our first daughter Carmen was born. The realization of a dream for both of us, since we both can trace our origins to this spot. Of course we couldn't stay there after the children came. We both knew that their lives would be the richer for the move back to Canada. On the eve of the fifth anniversary since our return from Italy we both know we made the right decision. Still a cold caffe macchiato on that veranda sounds pretty good right about now. How goes the house hunting? Well, I hope!