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Be There or Be Square

The Box invites you to an evening of short word, film, play and music by:

Stephanie Comilang
Kristyn Dunnion
Stacey May Fowles
Chris MacLean
John Martz
Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra
Jaclyn Quar and Mallory Diaczun

+Â door treats galore. Thanks to the Toronto arts council.

The Box is a quarterly salon night of readings, performances, screenings, interventions and networking that aims to bring diverse communities and audiences into an environment of artistic and social intermingling.

8 pm
Wednesday, July 9
Rivoli, 332 Queen St W. (Back Room)

Toronto, Ontario

pwyc, $5 suggested donation

Host: Louise Bak

Stephanie Comilang is a romantic and realist who lives and works in Toronto. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Ontario College of Art and Design and has since been in collaboration with a number of artists. On her completion of school, she started touring Europe and North America extensively with Final Fantasy accompanying Owen Pallett and his violin with live shadows and drawings on the overhead projector. Together they have played both garages with mattresses as seating and big Scandinavian concert halls. She most recently directed a meta-trilogy of music videos for Final Fantasy, which can be seen on TV and your computer. Stephanie has also collaborated with experimental theatre company Mammalian Diving Reflex on Diplomatic Immunities researching and presenting in Lahore, Pakistan for the World Performing Arts Festival last November. She is working out logistics for their next collaboration entitled Parkdale vs. Queen West. She is currently mapping out a puppet show about growing up with an Elvis impersonatorfather entitled Children of the King.

Kristyn Dunnion is a saucy tart. She is the author of Missing Matthew, a quirky mystery for 8-10 year olds, Mosh Pit, a queer punk novel for adult rebels, and BIG BIG SKY, a brand new speculative fiction. She has short stories in these collections: The Horrors: Terrifying Tales, With A Rough Tongue: Femmes Write Porn, Geeks, Misfits and Outlaws, and Periphery: Erotic Lesbian Futures. She is also the trash-talking hostess and macho-femme Miss Kitty Galore. Hear her roar!

Stacey May Fowles' written work has been published in various online and print magazines, including Kiss Machine, The Absinthe Literary Review, and subTERRAIN. Her non-fiction has been anthologized in the widely acclaimed Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity and First Person Queer. Her first novel, Be Good, was published with Tightrope Books in November 2007, and in fall 2008 she will release an illustrated novel, Fear of Fighting, with Invisible Publishing. She currently lives in Toronto where she is the publisher of Shameless Magazine.

Residing in Toronto, Chris MacLean graduated from University of Toronto with a BA in Cinema Studies and from York University with a BFA in Film & Video Production. Sharing his time between his paid life in the local film/television industry and his filmmaking-related hobbies, he has written/directed/edited over two dozen films/videos. His work has been screened at festivals worldwide, including Cinematexas, Images, and International Film Festival of Rotterdam. He has also served a stint at the One Minute Film & Video Festival as a member of the Selection Committee and as its Technical Director.

Mindbender is a ever-rising star in Toronto hip hop, who has performed with EL-P, Pharoahe Monch, Del, MF DOOM, Aceyalone, Brother Ali, Cage, Aesop Rock and many others. He has also played countless shows across North America, received local and international press from Pound to Now Magazine to URB, inked distribution deals with Urbnet and Sonic Imprint (UK), and completed a record-breaking fifth year organizing Toronto's best open mic, 'In Divine Style'. He released 2 albums in March 2008, 'Better Late Than Never Made' and 'Invisible Rhythm Showcase', and is constantly creating the future sound of Canadian/international hip hop, for you to enjoy. Stay tuned to Mindbender Supreme...

Through her multi-disciplinary practice, Jaclyn Quaresma focuses on the moment of subtlety in a relationship when attraction turns into negligence. While maintaining a strong involvement she slowly distances herself from the object of her affection, eventually abandoning it without remorse. Hence, her work captures the paradox when both attraction and negligence coexist with same force, and the viewer lingers for a moment on the brink between intense intimacy and imminent separation (Braid). The same logic extends and incorporates her relationship with objects exemplified in Televison: a poem, He Was Different Without His Glasses. Jaclyn is also interested in the play between documentary and fiction, which she then investigates through a dialogue of the private vs. public.

Mallory Diaczun is a Toronto-based artist whose interests focus on sex, with a particular emphasis on glamourized examinations of pornography, black youth culture, and the hyperbolic world of (in)famous basketball players. Diaczun explores the relationship and interaction between human intimacies through a highly sexualized manner. By attempting to expose the space between sexualized relationships, previous bodies of work have derived: a Barbie-esque pornographic colouring book entitled Jenna; an investigation of power through Suck My Dick, Bitch; and an ongoing suite of performances such as Braid, with Jaclyn Quaresma. Both Quaresma and Diaczun are currently obtaining their Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History at the University of Toronto/Sheridan College.

John Martz is an illustrator and cartoonist living in Toronto whose clients include Hallmark Cards, CTV, Yahoo!, and chicaDEE Magazine. His website,, is home to a menagerie of cartoons, typefaces, and other creations. John's love of wordplay can be seen his comics, movie reviews in verse, and in his popular recreation of the TTC subway map as a series of anagrams. He is also the editor of the illustration and cartooning blog Drawn! (

Switching from premiering a piano concerto with American piano virtuoso Thollem McDonas one month to stunning Wavelength hipsters at Sneaky Dee's the next without needing to change gears, the Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra transcends genre and erases the artificial distinction between high and low forms of art. Sweeping vocal and sax lines interweave between layers of aggressive minimalist string patterns punctuated by driving percussion and bass drones; the result being structures both concrete and unquestionably human. Their music has been described as "the meeting point between Philip Glass, Billie Holiday, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor". In addition to their repertoire of original songs, the Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra is known for their reinterpretations of songs by Brian Eno, Kurt Weill, New Order, and Wire. The Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra is: Kristin Mueller-Heaslip (voice), Jennifer Wardle (saxophone), Alex Cheung (violin), Adriana Pera (cello), Michael Kaler (bass), and Michael Rosenthal (drums), and Benjamin Mueller-Heaslip (pencil/paper)

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George Carlin: 1937 - 2008

Warning: Contains words which may be offensive to some

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Desperately Seeking Poet to Swap Chapbook Manuscript With:

Thanks to Justin I believe that my chapbook manuscript is getting closer to being ready for the next round of submissions. After reading my MS he's given me valuable advice on the narrative arc of my MS. After reading his blog and the trials and tribulations his MS has undergone I kinda feel pedantic in underlining the minimal adversity that I have faced in my subbing odyssey. (So go on over and wish him well as he sends his own MS out. Go ahead you've got my permission. )

But what I really need right now, and I'm serious about this, is some close scrutiny. No I don't mean me ...I mean my chapbook! (I'm under enough scrutiny as it is...Sheesh!)

So if you are on the same journey as yours truly: i.e. looking for a publisher for your chapbook but wanting to put your best MS foot forward go on and try this challenge on for size.


Silence is Golden...But my Eyes Still See.

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Quotes & Quotables

"It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."

-------------------------------------------------Albert Einstein