Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Submission Wars

Took a couple of casualties what with Kenyon Review and Gargoyle giving me the horizontal nod. However, I just started to sub this batch of three poems and therefore, I have not precluded the possibility of getting a print journal to publish at least one of them. Kenyon’s editors took five months to shrug their shoulders. I guess that’s a good sign. I am, however, wary of their invitation to think of them in future as I did receive a "form" response. (But heck that hasn't stopped me before from resubbing to a magazine.) My last batch of poems went out to eight journals and one of the poems was picked up by Shenandoah so I still count myself lucky.

I have been unable to send out any poems out by snail mail as my American SASE postage had run out. (International postage purchased at a Canadian post office is way too costly; setting me back over five dollars each time I sent out a SASE.) The last time I got some American stamps they were provided by some friends who were heading south. I did some checking and “lo and behold”, postage can be bought on-line from the United States Postal Service: . So I guess I’m back in business.

I am a notoriously unprolific poet and barely have time to scribble a couple of lines down these days before I am unceremoniously torn away from my muse. This does not sit well with my muse who has been drinking my Valpolicella and eating my Parmeggiano Reggiano. What can I say my muse has impeccable taste. However, I do now have enough material for about three sets of submission batches. So wish me luck as I assault the bastions of the literary world.


gina said...


Justin Evans said...

I am also an amazingly unprolific poet. I count myself lucky at three or four solid first drafts per month, which may or may not ever end up as anything viable.

As for the submision time, I have waited as much as 18 months for a rejection, and certainly know the 5-6 moth blues. I cannot handle the emotional strain of journals which do not allow simultaneous subs.

Nick said...

Thank you Gin(z)a and Justin.

Re: Sim Subs
I believe that it should be a
universally accepted practice among literary journals. Try as I may to rationalize the logic behind the criteria of singular submission, I cannot accept the fact that IMHO it stacks the cards in the editors favor.

Collin said...


I'm also in the submission blues. I've had a couple of form letter slips come through the post in the last few weeks, but I've got a small group of poems (about 9 I think) that I'm keeping continually in the mail. I'm sure one or two will land somewhere. Fingers crossed for you!

Nick said...


Sorry for responding with delay but I was out of town and unable to get to a computer for the last few days. Thanks for your well-wishes. Keeping my fingers crossed for you too.

poetzie said...

I use for postage- there is a monthly fee, but I got a new postage scale and like $30 in free postage just for signing up so it's been worth it so far for me to pay a small fee and be able to print postage from my home printer.

I think there's a chronic case of the rejection flu going around- someone made a great suggestion to me on my blog- send out two submissions for every rejection. . .it'll at least help you feel productive, and increases your chance of getting published! I'm finding it difficult to keep up, but I like the general concept :)

Nick said...


Re - I think I might look into it. Thanks for the heads up.

Re - "rejection flu": Love that term by the way. Two subs for every rejection - sounds good to me.

Patry Francis said...

I haven't submitted anything in months, but I'm feeling inspired by your post and the comments. Two subs for every rejection. Yes!

Nick said...


Whatever gets the process going! Hope to hear some good news from you real soon.

Penultimatina said...

Amazingly unprolific poet here too! Oh no...are we the amazingly unprolificists?

Consider submitting to RHINO. Great mag, sim-sub friendly & eclectic.

Nick said...

Perhaps the Nouveau Unprolificists. Thank you for the invite to submit to RHINO. Might take you up on it now that I have the appropriate postage for the SASE.