Monday, September 26, 2005

Deja Vu All Over Again!


That he that is not busy being born
is busy dying.
------------------------------Bob Dylan

The last station to cross is the dirt road
that hits harder when the long drive
comes to a halt. You hate yourself
for begrudging her even this inconvenience.

The ranch house looks lost on the five-acres
of lawn that disappears into the undergrowth
and the bifocal eyes between the slats
of a shuttered window. "So you've come,"

a voice squeaks through the screen door
which reveals curator and medicus. She leads
you to a room with closed blinds; leaves
you with the changeling on the bed. You
could never have prepared for this.

The light tumbles into the room as you pull
up the blinds; turn to examine the face
of a homeless mind - translucent
and flaccid, blackened by pain.

She opens one good eye - greyer
than the clouds that spilt forgiveness
on you - and you are lost.

Originally published in Thunder Sandwich 07/01/2003


David H. Thomas said...

Boy, that really gets you in the end. The unshuttered light reveals all.

May I gently suggest you allow "anonymous" comments, which also allows non "" folks to comment. (I have a "Blogger" id, but it's not my home blog's id)

I am Garnet of GlitteringMuse

Nick said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Re:"anonymous" comments - Unfortunately there are those that will be what they are and abuse the privilege.

Nick said...

Present company excluded of course!