Monday, October 17, 2005

Doorways to One Place or Another.


Peter said...

These are gorgeous photos. I want one framed.

Nick Piombino said...

Enjoyed these. Do you feel like mentioning the locales-?

Nick said...

Peter, Nick;

Glad you enjoyed.

2 - Colonial Casa, Merida Mexico (©Jack Dysart)

3 - Xelha Mayan Ruins Quintana Roo Mexico (Photo by Bill Bell)

4 - Doorways of the old Kasbah Mosque in Morocco

5 - Banteay Srei Temple (967 AD)
ANGKOR WAT, Cambodia

1 & 6-8 - Calabria, Southern Italy

Trebuchet said...

I, too, am fascinated by doorways. I always take two cameras when I travel: one for the silly traveling snapshots (girl clasping boy's hand, standing on bridge; boy waving in front of large marble fountain, etc.) and the other for doorways. My favorites are the ones I took in New Orleans. Now that much more poignant. Have they ever inspired a poem in you?

Nick said...

I prefer to think of doorways as symbols of transition (although of course arguments can be made for other possibilities). Whereas, I have not devoted the rhetoric of a poem solely to this conceit it has figured in several of my pieces. Thanks for commenting and asking the question.