Friday, October 07, 2005

Oh!...What I Wouldn't Do!

For the Sake of the Poem


For the sake of the poem

the bed remains disheveled all day,

the dishes loll in the sink

like adolescents. For the sake

of the poem a forest is cut down

to appease my appetite for paper.

A lover is betrayed in print;

hot tea and desire must

cool their heels,

for the sake of the poem.

I am an addict who needs

her daily fix of language.

Children are left uncombed;

unwatered, plants languish.

For the sake of the poem

old age is put on hold.

Oh, what wouldn’t I do

for the sake of the poem?

from "Margie" Volume 4, 2005


Zander Kaufman said...

Nice blog and nice prose.... keep it tight slim.

Nick said...

Molto grazie e prego!

Peter said...

Thanks for this Nick. Love it.

Nick said...

Funny & true at the same time, isn't it?

Erin Monahan said...

frightening how true this is.

Nick said...