Saturday, November 05, 2005

Calabrian Villa Under Snow


Freaked-Out Ethel said...

(random poetry, left for you...)

Has Hanna?

Has Hanna had her hairshirt hemmed? Well?
What will wan wench wear wednesday? Big
baggy britches? Bah! Bums beautify better. Really!
Reach right, remove raiment readily. Place
pickings politely 'pon pleasant puddle. Splash
swiftly, suddenly, sans suitcoat. Shake gently.
Gather garb, grip greatly, give grand twist.
Take tattered threads, tug till tempered and
always allow airdrying at amicable afternoons.

steve mueske said...


I seem to have lost your email address, but I'd love to have you participate in the three candles private workshop, located at

Nick said...


Thanks for the invite. Much appreciated.

Nick said...


RE: "Has Hanna had her hairshirt hemmed? "

Indeed I was asking myself that question this very morning. This is freaky!!!! (No insult intended.)