Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Long and Whining Road.

Nick needs some TLC.
Nick needs a friend.
Nick needs someone to cheer him up.
Nick needs a friend. (at least another one)

Nick needs to get in touch with his daughter.
Nick needs to express deep emotions that he finds hard to convey,
Nick needs to shut his piehole.
Nick needs his butt kicked clear on out of his mouth.

Nick needs his hair dyed.
Nick needs sleep
Nick needs to lay off the absinthe.
Nick needs a bottle to pee in

Nick needs a critique
Nick needs to get a handle on his work ethic
Nick needs to get his $hit together and start putting his own stuff out,
Nick needs Ex-Lax
Nick needs to prune his ideas down to those that are related to "our Universe".

Nick needs a bottle to pee in. (one bottle wasn't enough)
Nick needs a place to stay.
Nick needs to move on.
Nick needs constant supervision.


shann said...

Oh, get over yourself! Go print out some poems and submit!

(that's the mom in me speaking- the shann in me needs almost everythig you do, except maybe not the bottle/s)

Nick said...


You must be a great mom. Thanks for the virtual slap, I needed that! But in reality this is a meme that has been going around the blogoshpere. Peter Pereira, Justin Evans, Kelli Agodon et al have posted their own "google generated" lists. I thought it was lots of fun. Give it a whirl.

shann said...

duh- I should have picked that up- I actually tried it to not very interesting results-

but still- get that work out!!

I've been playing with offering a submission service locally to poets- I'm trying to come up with something to do so I can quit one of my jobs-

Patry Francis said...

I tried, too, but according to google, there's not much Patry needs.

Nick has a much more interesting life.

Nick said...


Re: Submission service

I could certainly use one in choosing a publisher. Problem is I'm not local. :-(


I think that that's because "Nick" is a more common name and actually quite mundane.

Peter said...

Oh Nick: this is terrific.

Nick said...

The funny thing is that I don't need my hair dyed!

Carol Peters said...

thanks for this, nick. great meme.