Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Close" is Only Good When Playing Horseshoes or While Dancing!

I received two more rejections in the mail this morning. One was from Ploughshares and the other was from The Missouri Review. The Ploughshares rejection slip was just that - a slip: a stoic piece of nothing. I was however impressed with The Missouri Review. It's editors sent me a hand-written letter. I particularly like the fact that they had to afix another $00.41 to the SASE to get the job done. Thanks guys I appreciate the gesture.

Well, in terms of my latest volley of submissions. I would have to say that it wasn't very effective. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I sent more poems in this group of subs than usual. Normally I send out 3 poems per. This time the packages included even up to 7 poems (if the publication allowed it). I did however receive three hand written notes from sympathetic editors. However, all is not lost as I am still waiting for a response from: River Styx; Salt Hill; Indiana Review; Alaska Quarterly Review; Smartish Pace; Aux Arc Review; Hayden's Ferry Review; The Baltimore Review; Clackamas Literary Review & Potomac Review.


Justin Evans said...

I am waiting with you, Nick. In fact, it has been 27 weeks since I sent off to HFR. Just yesterday I sent an e-mail asking why they say 12-16 weeks if they really mean 7-8 months. I sent off a sub to TMR, but that was only 7 weeks ago. Your post gives me hope that my rejection will be as good.

Nick said...


What surprised me besides the tone of the letter, was the fact that they affixed extra postage onto an "international SASE" to which I had already put on $00.61 in stamps. It came quite unexpected. Quite honestly, I imagine that several of the remaining publications will not respond at all.