Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just Found Out About This New Journal

About the Review:

The Saranac Review was born in 2004 out of four writers' vision to open a space for the celebration of many voices including those from Canada. Attempting to act as a source of connection, the journal publishes the work of emerging and established writers from both countries. As our mission states, "The Saranac Review is committed to dissolving boundaries of all kinds, seeking to publish a diverse array of emerging and established writers from Canada and the United States.

"The Saranac Review aims to be a textual clearing in which a space is opened for cross-pollination between American and Canadian writers. In that way, we aim to be a textual river reflecting diverse voices, a literal "cluster of stars," an illumination of the Iroquois roots of our namesake, the word, Saranac. We believe in a vision of shared governance, of connection, and in the power of art.

In the inaugural issue of The Saranac Review:

Naomi Ayala/Wesley Brown/Rick Campbell/Ioan Flora (trs. Adam Sorkin)/Indira Ganesan/Amy Gerstler/Honoree Jeffers/Rustin Larson /Robert Long/David Albahari/Tony Medina/E.Ethelbert Miller/William Olson/Jay Parini/Elizabeth Powell/Don Revell/Neil Shephard


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Congrats. Keep writing.

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