Thursday, February 16, 2006

Top Ten Dick Cheney T-Shirt Logos!

10 - Cheney's Got a Gun
-----Cheney's Got a Gun
-----Everybody Had Better Run
-----'Cause Cheney's Got a Gun

9 - Dick Cheney: Weapon of Mass Destruction!

8 - Guns Don't Shoot People - Dick Cheney Does!

7 - I'd Rather Be Bill Clinton's Intern,
---Than Dick Cheney's Hunting Partner.

6 - Dick Cheney's Hunting Tip No.1:
----Shoot First; Don't Answer Questions Later!

5 - Be Vewwwy Quiet!
----Dick Cheney is Hunting!

4 - How many lawyers does it take to make a covey?

3 - Dick Cheney - Seasoned Lawyers Quail Before Him!

2 - The Bush Doctrine: Shoot First, Aim Later!

1 - They Shoot Republicans - Don't They?


Collin said...

HA! I, of course, love the last one. My Jane Fonda fetish continues. They just released "Julia" on DVD...I'm in heaven.

Justin Evans said...


Nick said...


One of my favorite Fonda movie is "Barefoot in the Park". Then again I almost like everything Neil Simon wrote!


The funny thing about these "slogans" is that they can actually be bought & seen on T-Shirts!

Collin said...

LOVE "Barefoot in the Park." Saw it a few weeks ago. It's still hilarious...esp. Mildred Natwick as Jane's batty mother.

Peter said...