Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together"

Overheard at Bemsha Swing:

"Speaking of rants, I wish people wouldn't sign their posts with only their first name. People generally come with at least a first and a last name for a reason. Anyway, just wanted to mention that the above, which is interesting and politely written and all, was not written by this Nick." (Nick Piombino)

"Yes. Just plain "Nick" is Nick Bruno? Or Nick somebody? "Nick Piombino" is Nick Piombino. "(Jonathan Mayhew)

"guilty of #1--I blame Blogger--but I usually sign my posts....is this really such a big deal? i mean, what if I had 10 avatars or something? what if I claimed to be Nick Piombino and got him in trouble? I was once accused of being Jacques Debrot under a fictional name..." (Nick LoLordo )

Glad that the appropriate "Nick" came forward to claim his quote. I agree that people should sign their complete names to their posts. Speaking of doppelgangers - I do not get around to googling myself much, but I recently found out that there is a "Nick Bruno" out there who's a music producer of mostly Gospel music:

Nick Bruno , well known producer and musician was among those honored on October 30, 2000 by being inducted in to the Gospel Music Hall of Fame as a member of the legendary Kingsmen. The Kingsmen made history with their song, "Excuses," produced for them by Nick Bruno, which maintained its number one chart position for 19 months. Nick Bruno was a member of the Kingsmen, as well as being the producer of their most popular and highest selling albums.

With all due respect to Nick LoLordo; why is it that nobody confuses me with that "Nick"? I guess that - I don't got the music in me!


Mark said...

The other Mark Lamoureux is a conservative counter-top salesman in New Hampshire. The thought that he must wade through pages and pages of me if and when he googles himself gives me great pleasure.

The poet Greg Perry got into an argument with another guy named Greg Perry who was googling himself and said that Greg's poetry was crappy.

Ah, life on the interweb...

Nick said...

Re: The thought that he must wade through pages and pages of me if and when he googles himself gives me great pleasure.

Ah!!! To be the proverbial fly on the wall.

shann said...

wow- I didn't know you did gospel music!! and i thought you were younger! heh heh

har- the 'other' Shann Palmer is a snowboard person- and actually spelled SHAUN-

but I get mail for him once in awhile.

Nick said...

Yeah, for some reason my hair never shows up in pictures!