Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Why I Can’t Write a Poem a Day in April – “Poetry Month” – In no Particular Order!

1) I can’t write that fast.

2) I can’t read that fast.

3) Scratch number 2; I never read my own poetry.

4) In my house we never do the same thing everyday for a month, and I mean anything!

5) My muse only works part time – three days a week she works at COSTCO.

6) I just don’t have that much poetry in me – hell I don’t have that much of anything in me!

7) With two young children in the house, I’m lucky if I go to the bathroom once a day.

8) I’m too busy writing this BLOG.

9) I’m too busy reading your BLOG. Yeah yours! Where do you think I get all my material?

10)-I’ve received a petition with over 1000 signatures begging me to spare their poetic sensibilities.


C. Dale said...

Love it!

Collin said...

Bravo. I second this emotion. I also can't...and do not want to...write a poem everyday this month. I'd like to write ONE good poem in April.

Nick said...

Thanks C. Dale for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed.

Collin, you'll get no argument from me. I'd be happy to write just one good poem all year let alone one every day!

shann said...

you mean the poems are supposed to be GOOD!!!


(actually I go back and rewrite later, some of my april poems have won prizes and been published-this is my 4th year- oh, yes- some of the poems stink like bad socks- it's an interesting exercise- come see

Nick said...

Four years in a row, Shann, my hat goes off to you!