Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Poetry Contests on a Shoestring Budget

Thank you for your responses. Most illuminating.


Peace & Peace said...

yes I really liked your blog .How nice you are that you are workig for others,There are few people like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patry Francis said...

It's hard to make money in either poetry or fiction...In the end, you've got to do the thing you love.

Nick said...

Quite true! It's easy to lose sight of this fact. Thanks, Patry.

January said...

I love your blog.

Wish I knew of a good contest. I try to enter ones where at least I'll get a copy of the publication, even if I'm not selected. Also, I look for local, offbeat contests so the pool of entries is smaller and I have a better chance of being a finalist.

Contests for me are overrated but a necessary evil.