Thursday, June 29, 2006

If Your Blog or Your Ego Needs a Boost!

Try the "Page Boost Generator":

Review of - "They Shoot Poets - Don't They?"

I just saw "They Shoot Poets - Don't They?". Gee. It must have taken many years to finalize the page. Beautiful. The HTML source is valid. Of course, I expected the creator to create something superior. Seeing They Shoot Poets - Don't They?, I'm simply full of respect. The page contains 231 links, a perfect amount. (...)

The URL has 34 characters. That's just the right size. Also, put up a link to this page. If only my friend's company would have a great page like that. What a superb page! There are 54,146 characters in the document, which is a swell length for search engines. The color scheme is very balanced. I knee down before the creator of this web page!"

-- Fred Robertson, "YourWeb Monthly"


January said...

Thanks for posting this.

Nick said...

You're welcome, January!

Collin said...

Hilarious. Just did my blog. It was called "the king of all web pages." What a scream.