Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Arabesques Review Vol. II Issue 02

Arabesques Review Vol. II Issue 02 - ($13.95)

Includes writers such as Bill Teitelbaum, Sheila Murphy, Joseph Farina, Gordon Massman, Brent Powers, Ross Clark, Cortney Bledsoe, Ron Savage, Thomas Aiello, Steve Mayoff, JA Tyler, Nick Bruno, David Taylor, Owen Elmore, Davide Trame, Socorro Venegas, Les Merton, Carl Palmer, Mary Hamrick, Michael Blottenberger, Christopher Woods, Penny Feeny, Jose Manuel Sevilla, Jai Clare, Gary Lehmann, Paul Murphy, Leonardo Guevara Navarro, Azza El Wakeel, Christopher Woods, Lucia Leao, Jason Heroux, Dimitris Kraniotis, Domenico Capilongo and Arash Farzanah all appear in the pages of Arabesques' new special "Anthology" issue. "Identities" is a unique "cultural book" which has been published with the contributions of many talented artists from all corners of the planet.

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