Thursday, July 27, 2006

In Search of.... a Title!

What do you think is the best title for my chapbook?
1. The Fear of Open Faces
2. Malinconia
3. Ferraris And First Communions
4. In a World of Perfect Bones
5. The Gathering
6. The Art of Poetic Cleansing
7. Le Cercle D’Ennui
8. The 30 Hz Hypothesis


Collin said...

Tough call since I haven't read the work, but In A World of Perfect Bones was the title that stuck with me.

Nick said...

Thanks for voting, Collin. "In A World of Perfect Bones" is the first line from:


In a world of perfect bones,
there is no room for hairline fractures,
hip replacements or herniated disks.
Prostheses are nonexistent; bones
do not snap like bread sticks
or wear down like soapstone.

My mother can still squeeze my hand
till my knuckles run white and our thumbs
become one. She does not fixate on yellow
biohazards or aluminum walkers. She studies
how long the water will take
to course through irrigation ditches.

In a world of perfect bones,
long after cicadas turn silent
and the calabrian heat subsides,
my mother walks about
on that five foot high retaining wall
that separates her from her garden.

Paige said...

Funny, I too like the title A world of perfect bones. Hoeever as it has been used in some one else's poem maybe a re-phrasing is in order-A Perfect Boned World; A World of Bones, Perfect.
But not having read any of the works involved I would have no idea if it is any good for the collection. Good luck...I'll be watching & learning

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

I like In a World of Perfect Bones as the title.

Nick said...


I got a sneaking suspicion that the author won't mind me using his line. ;-) Thanks for voting.


Thanks for the thumbs up. In my mind: "In A World of Perfect Bones" & "The Fear of Open Faces" were the only real contenders.

Suzanne said...

My vote is with the majority.

Nick said...

"In A World of Perfect Bones" is kinda growin' on me!

January said...

I like "In a World of Perfect Bones," which seems to be where the majority is going.

Thanks for posting about the chapbook process, and good luck with getting it published.

Nick said...

Thanks, January!