Sunday, July 09, 2006

That's Just The Way it Goes.

After receiving the nod for publication of three of my poems from The Arabesques Review , I received a great letter from Neil Aitken, editor of Boxcar Poetry Review. In it, he basically apologizes that due to his recent move back to Canada, (Welcome back, Neil!) , he was unable to pick up one of the poems selected - "No. 249 on the S.S. Saturnia". Neil thanks for the shot in the arm. I really needed that.

Well, I know one journal that I will be considering for future submissions. Actually, here is the lineup of poets in the recent edition:

Rob Baum, Jared Carter, Iris Dunkle, Joseph Farina, Larry Fontenot, Giles Goodland, Anne Haines, Zoë Landale, Alexander Long, Harold Lorin, Benjamin Morris, Patrick Rosal.

Great lineup. Check it out!


Justin Evans said...

Congratulations, Nick! That's a fine thing indeed.

As for the great letter, I have received one or two of those, and you are right. They do feel wonderful.

Nick said...

Justin,thanks. It couldn't have been better timed if I had planned it myself. It has given me a renewed impetus.