Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Request of an Itinerant Poet

Poet's Walk

by Henri Silberman

Taking a page out of Steve Mueske's book (and with Steve's talent just about any page will do!) - I'd like to ask whoever reads this blog (and may God have mercy on your soul if you do!) whether or not they'd be interested in trading manuscripts with me for the purpose of editing, reading, scrutinizing and just plain critiquing. I assure you that you must be stout of heart to read my manuscript all in one sitting. This is not an undertaking for the lily-livered. But if you wield a critic's pen with the impudence of a - well ... critic; then this job is for you.

By the way people who do not want to trade manuscripts but simply want the chance to tear into mine are also welcome. Back-channel me at nick.bruno@sympatico.ca

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