Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Lady of Shalott

John William Waterhouse


Oil on canvas
60 1/8 x 78 5/8 inches
(153 x 200 cm)
Tate Gallery, London, England


Collin said...

When I see this picture now, all I can think about is Loreena McKennitt's song. Painting and song are both beautiful.

Suzanne said...

This IS stunning. Haunting.

Nick said...

Collin, I'm unfamiliar with the song. If it's anything like the painting I'm missing out on something good.

Suzanne, indeed. There is both a captivating and ominous quality about it.

Collin said...

You are, Nick. Go over to Loreena's site or see if you can hear a sample on YouTube or iTunes. It's so beautiful.

Nick said...

Checked it out...nice sound...thanks for the heads up.