Sunday, April 08, 2007

NaPoWriMo - Day Eight - Easter Sunday

I am taking a break (don't sound relieved just yet) but will hopefully be returning tomorrow with something. Have a happy holiday. I leave you with this from Knopf Poetry:

Psalm 176
by Stan Rice

When I am appalled
By colossal artifice
The sad word
Is my fellow laborer.
What would make you
Want to forsake miracles
You are too close to.
My eyes are lights
In an emergency alert
System. The radio static
Sounds like water
Left on in the kitchen.
Not real silence. I
Am better off not having
Lived in the age of
Miracles for I can
Believe in them.

From: FALSE PROPHET - RandomHouse - 2003


Collin said...

Yay! Daddy Stan!!!

Nick said...

This poem particularly hit home on this day.