Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Day in the Life

"I heard the news today, oh boy,

four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire,

and though the holes were rather small,

they had to count them all, "

--------------------------------------John Lennon

Maggie Taylor - "Life Goes On" - 2002


shann said...

I'm having a ridiculously hard time getting used to your new place (though I like it better because it's easier for my old eyes to see)

Twice now I've clicked off thinking I'd hit the wrong spot-

oh well


Suzanne said...


Nick said...


Well that's one way to increase my overall daily hits. Thanks for hanging in there.


I just dropped by Maggie Taylor's site and well the rest is plain to least through these eyes.

Nick said...

Or did you mean "Niiiice" reagrding the new look...Nevermind. Thanks either way.

Rachel Mallino said...

Nick, I like it (the new look). And, of course, the song quote. The desperate melancholy tone in "oh boy" always gets me.

Nick said...

Thanks, Rachel. By the way I've noted that your blog went through a few transformations of its own. I like where you're at with it.