Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is Where I'll be in August

Sandra Beasley will be recreating the NaPoWriMo experience in August. She asks other like-minded poets to join her. If you have the itch to write next month -- visit her blog and let her know. Unfortunately, in August I'll be here:

More specifically here:

You can stop clapping now - April is just around the corner!


Sandra said...

Um..."UN"fortunately you'll be there?

Right. Somehow, I think my NaPoWriMo is a poor substitute for your Gorgeous Vacation In An Exotic Location.

I'll trade you. = )

John Ashbery Fan said...

That was my exact thought -- "unfortunately"? I'll take that kind of misfortune anytime ...



Nick said...


Like I said -- April is just around the corner.


I'm planning to enjoy myself. Thanks.

I hope you both have a nice summer wherever you are.