Saturday, August 04, 2007

How Cool is This?

Valparaiso Poetry Review's editor Edward Byrne announced his nominees for “Best of the Net” anthology and I'm on the list along with: Anne Haines, Michelle Bitting, Diane Lockward, Jared Carter & Frannie Lindsay. Congrats to these nominees. My thanks to Edward Byrne for including me among these fine poets.


Diane Lockward said...

It's very cool! I'm delighted to be in such good company. I love your poem, the sad nostalgia of it. What does the word "malinconia" mean?

Collin said...


Brian Campbell said...

congrats! & just another feather in your cap to get that BOOK published!

Nick said...


Thank you for the kind words. "Malinconia" simply translates as melancholy or gloominess. But it's use here is probably best approximated by "heavy-heartedness". Best of luck with the nomination. I took the liberty of adding you to my blogroll.

Thanks, Collin. Your continued support is much appreciated.

Brian, I certainly could use some feathers in my cap, although I am uncertain as to how this will expedite my chapbook manuscript getting published. (I guess it couldn't hurt to add to my list of credits - such as it is.) Thanks for the moral support. :-)

Robert said...

Congratulations, Nick!

Michelle Bitting is in my year at Pacific. Small world.

greg rappleye said...


Byrne is a great editor and has a good eye.

Anne said...

Big congrats! I'm delighted to be in such good company...

Nick said...


Thanks. Yes, very small indeed!


Receiving Ed Byrne's vote means a heck of a lot to me.


Congrats & best of luck to you, Anne. It would be nice to be included in such illustrious company in the anthology. But with such fine competition I won't be holding my breath.