Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm Back....You Don't Have to Look so Disappointed!


Peter said...

Welcome back.
Hope you had a great time.

Where's the smile? *wink*

Collin said...

Welcome home. We want stories and tales!!!

Sandra said...

You're back! How on earth did we manage to lure you back? Will there be (more) pictures?

Nick said...


Thanks...Yes!...Still working on the smile. :-)


Grazie...and no I did not fall into the fountain of Trevi although it was rather tempting in light of the scorching weather.


Well, I had to come and see how you were doing with the NaPoWriMo spinoff. Still going strong I see. Kudos to you. Yes, actually this is one of the few pictures that I'm in. Other pics are to follow. I took 751 total so I've got a bunch to choose from. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Nick said...

Yes, I realize that this is not a very flattering picture.