Thursday, January 24, 2008

Your Musical Score

You couldn't imagine Easy Rider set to Beach Boys music now could you? A good musical score simulates and/or forms a symbiotic relationship with a visual series of images. A musical backdrop can of course also be used effectively with the spoken word.

If you were to liken your poetry to a musical genre and match it in its intrinsic elements of poetry to a specific form of music, artist or even song(s) what might that (those) be? So let's say for the sake of comparison that if you were to choose 5 songs; pieces and/or artists which would best approximate your poetic sensibilities and style which would they be? If possible post them in You Tube form.


Socially Conscious




Obviously, I've limited myself to Rock & Folk as genres. You might explore other musical forms of expression. Anybody else want to take a shot at this be my guest.

Addendum: I had originally tagged - Sam, Collin, Brent, Robert, Shann & Justin (whenever he comes back from hiatus) just to name a few - but I'd like to see quite a few bloggers' response to this. Too many to list actually.


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Great, great. Like the possiblities in this, Nick. Your map is strong.

I'm working on it.

Nick said...

Sam, I had originally tagged a few bloggers with this meme. You were on my list. Have fun with it.

Collin said...

This is a great meme! I'm up for it.

Nick said...

Nice to have you on board, Collin. :-)

Montgomery Maxton said...

i really like I'm A Rock.

Pris said...

I found your link on Sam's blog. What a wonderful idea. I'm going to comes up with five, too...also on the installment plan. Thanks for spurring on our creativity!

Hope you don't mind, but I'll add your link to my list of links on the sidebar on my blog, too.

Nick said...

Montgomery, glad you enjoyed. I'd certainly like to see your musical choices - if you want to play along. Thanks for dropping by.

Pris, went over to your blog and saw your first choice. Very impressive choice at that. Thanks for adding my link to your blog roll. :-)

JimK said...

Pris rung my doorbell for this.
I got 5 out of many factors
paired with videos, of
later times.

Nick said...

Checked out your picks and there is much to like. Thanks for playing along with the meme.

Shann Palmer said...

I just got back from AWP in NYC- I'll have to check this out tomorrow when my brain-swelling poetic overload has subsided

or something like that


Nick said...


Welcome back from AWP. No hurry!