Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Way of All Flesh (& Muscle)

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Collin said...

Wow, he better work on that. I heard he was supposed to make a cameo in the next Terminator film. I guess they could CGI him.

Nick said...

I guess even Terminators age.

JimK said...

Aughh...I am scarred for life!
But I don't feel so bad about
that W thing I'm workin on.
So it's a wash...but educational.
Put out the cigars, get out of
the Hummer and walk.

Makes Jack Lalane all the more

Nick said...

This could easily be an ad campaign for steroids use couldn't it?

Shann Palmer said...

we age, we all age- some better than others.

Germanvs Gyula said...
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