Friday, May 16, 2008

Catching up on the Mail

This from Brian Leary over at 42opus:

May at 42opus

Currently featured on the site is "The Adventure of the Mason," a brief, classic story by Washington Irving. Also featured this month is work from Farrah Field, John Clare, Keetje Kuipers, Matthew Arnold, Brittany Fonte, Carmen Giménez Smith, Sara Levine, and Ryo Yamaguchi.

Farrah Field began the month with "Desperate Mothers Are an Easy Lay":

They usually treated Detective Summers as though he were bravebecause they thought spending time with him would bring their children back.Summers approaches some women by what they're willing to door outdo. They believe it themselves, a freedom with bunions.It's easy to use someone's body.… read more…

debuts last month

The following pieces debuted on 42opus in April 2008:

Losing Your Breasts a poem by Joy Ladin
Apocrypha #9 a poem by Richard Froude
The Scholar Gypsy a poem by Matthew Arnold
Dover Beach a poem by Matthew Arnold
Postcard from a Kitchen Window a poem by J. Mae Barizo
Noche Buena a short story by Curt Eriksen
Out of Sorts a poem by David Thornbrugh
Rappaccini's Daughter a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Yellow Absence a poem by Melissa Koosmann
Another a poem by Melissa Koosmann

This kinda caught my eye and ear:

Out of Sorts


I have a zebra in my neck
going the wrong way against
his stripes, like Venetian blinds
caught in the throat
of a late afternoon hotel room.
Is this malaria in the public bath,
is this curare in the toothpaste,
is this my prostate clicking
on one of those digital ducks
swimming across the top of the page?
The streets of heaven are lined
with Prozac, and hell, well,
hell is beer that's all foam.
Drugs and religion both wore out
for me a long time ago
and lately my laptop overheats
alarmingly. By birth I’m a
fire sign tiger giving off noxious fumes
as I smolder towards tomorrow,
and the ache in my spine
is a vulture flopping itself clean
in an eyelid birdbath.


J. Mae Barizo said...

hi fellow Canadian ( i assume your Canadian, correct me if I'm wrong). Nice blog!

Nick said...

Thanks. I took the liberty of visiting yours and was impressed. If you don't mind I'd like to add your site on my blogroll. Impressive pub list by the way!

Nick said... Yes, indeed and proud of it!