Wednesday, May 14, 2008

From the "You Know Your Career is Going Down the Toilet- When:" File

Oliver Stone to Shoot George W. Bush Biopic

Stone is famous for courting controversy with dramas like JFK (1991) and Nixon (1995). But with W, the 61-year-old filmmaker isn't merely courting it — he's grabbing controversy by the lapels and giving it a big wet smacker. For the first time, he's turning his cameras not just on a living president but on one who'll still be knocking around the White House when the movie premieres late this year. As if that weren't provocative enough, Stone could end up releasing the film as early as October, at the height of a presidential campaign in which one of the major issues will undoubtedly be the legacy of the guy on the screen. The movie has become a lightning rod before Stone has shot a single frame. ... Josh Brolin will play President George W. Bush and Elizabeth Banks will star as Laura — there is one major character still in search of an actor: a heavy named Dick Cheney.
By Benjamin Svetkey - Entertainment Weekly


Collin said...

Yeah, I got this issue. This movie is going to be one hot mess.

Nick said...

Even with the makeup, Josh Brolin doesn't look quirky enough.