Thursday, July 03, 2008


Read this over at Seth Abramson's :

"At present, one group of writers--poets with no first book, no money, and no high-level connections--are being essentially kept out of the process altogether, even as gurus in the poetry community are assuring us that there are too many poets out there, too many publishers, too much access to full-manuscript publication for those as yet unprepared for it. I beg to differ, and always have, and think that someone, someone, needs to stand up for what undoubtedly is a huge demographic in the very midst of the American poetry community."

read the rest at: The Suburban Ecstasies - "2008 State of the Small Presses "


Collin said...

Seth's post just furthers the argument for self-publishing and marketing.

Nick said...

Well I guess I'll never get published then! :-(