Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tagged by Sam Rasnake

Since I always put my money where my mouth is ... what was

the last book I purchased:

Leaves of Grass: The Original 1855 Edition by Walt Whitman (Thrift Edition) Dover Publications (February 27, 2007)

the last film / network series I purchased:

Stranger Than Paradise: Jim Jarmusch, 1984, ( Criterion Collection, DVD, 2 disc set )

the last music or spoken word recording I purchased:

The Wallflowers, Bringing Down the Horse 1996, MCA, CD

If you're reading this consider yourself tagged.


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Great list, Nick. Jarmusch is an interesting director. My favorite of his films is Dead Man. I hope Criterion takes on an edition of that work.

Nick said...

Haven't seen "Dead Man" but will remedy the situation. See ya when I get back...Ciao.