Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again

  • The old creative juices have not dried up - there never were any to begin with. I have been winging it all along. I have it on good authority.
  • I have not given up on the prospect of publishing my poetry in the form of chapbooks etcetera - not by a long shot...
  • If you're an editor & you have not received a submission from me...I just haven't gotten it out of the gate recently. Don't worry you'll have ample opportunity to tell me my poetry isn't quite right for your publication or any publication for that matter.
  • I still love poetry and read it extensively. I'm just not blogging about it as much. Mea culpa!
  • If you've stopped reading my blog...Then what the hell are you doing here!
  • If you're wondering why you don't see me anymore on poetry workshops online critiquing...It's not because there isn't a will, it's because there isn't a way. My work/personal life has taken a front and center stance recently.
  • If I haven't been posting comments on your blog as of late...count yourself lucky.
  • If you think my poetry sucks big-time --- tell me. Go ahead---It'll probably spur me on to write better.
  • If you consider my poetry as not being marketable and think that I'm gonna stop writing any time soon...think again!
  • I will not brown-nose in order to get my poetry published - I'm still idealistic enough to believe that it will get published on its own merit.
  • If you find me offensive, pedantic and ought to know that those are my better qualities.
  • I don't have an M.F.A. - but that doesn't mean that I'm poetically illiterate.
  • If you have anything constructive to say - I'm all ears...


Collin said...

Glad to see you're soldiering on. Sometimes real life does get in the way of poetry, but good to hear you're still engaged with it.

Nick said...

I'm not quite sure if me still being engaged with poetry (or it with me) is good for poetry.. ;-)

Nick said...

By the way, Collin, thanks for still being there to lend a sympathetic ear.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Your poetry can suck Big time? Size matters!

Pris said...

I don't have an MFA either and glad to see you back and feisty again! Do you own that old Royal in the photo above? I haven't seen one of those in years.

Nick said...


Nope I don't own a Royal but I do own a Brother, which I had back in college. hard to find the old type-writer ribbon though.


I know...I know...They keep telling you that size doesn't matter but it does doesn't it? ;-)