Sunday, October 12, 2008

Poetry by Committee Versus the "Run of the Mill" Unadulterated Variety

I think, [dear reader], that you know enough about my views vis a vis poetry that you realize that I’m in accordance with the statement: “Whenever we stop writing for and from the self, art stops”. But as I sit here I can't help but think that when I was involved in online poetry workshops and my poetry was influenced, if not consciously at least unconsciously, by my participation in said workshop - my poetry seemed to be very marketable. I had no problem publishing my poems. As I’ve drawn into myself- at least strictly from a literary perspective and written more and more to please myself - my poetry seems to have garnered less attention. I appreciate the fact that we ply a “sullen craft” but a little recognition goes a long way in lending credence to the belief that we are not deluding ourselves into believing that our work has merit outside of our own cognitive mindsets.

Question is how do we strike a balance between writing from and for the self and writing for the "perceived" reader? Is this balance possible or even worth persuing?

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vegetablej said...


It's hard to know if you don't give us some examples. I'd like to see which poems you are comparing.

Might be other factors involved?