Friday, January 02, 2009

Poetry in Vitro - Vol 3, No. 12... (or)... Look at What my Muse Dragged in!

The Resident Poet Wears Prada

“Who is this woman with the feverish grin?”
--------------------------------------------------Unknown -- to Everyone But Me

She collects designer tissue boxes
and perfumed candle containers.
She knows Emily – fucking - Dickinson’s
Poem 54 ad verbatim and has spoken
at length on the agony of her art form.

She claims that anguish is good
medicine for the lack of creative juices.
But she wouldn’t know pathos if it came up
and bit her Pilates - perfected posterior.
Be still for her poetry is in all the right places...

The literary journal she edits is called:
The Fear of Open Spaces. Her Facebook
list of friends is a who’s who compendium
of literati – she’s well connected -
to the lack of the introspective.



Brian Campbell said...

Good expression of vitriol -- it feels great to give a nice swift kick (or bite) to this bitch in the posterior where she deserves, doesn't it? I know just this type... they're everywhere, in every generation. And they run literary scenes. The best stuff here, though, is in the details, and the details could tell the whole story. Lines 8-9 and the final two lines are heavy-handed editorializing the poem could do better without (practically all editorializing is heavy-handed). The 21st century has barely begun. Let us come up with our own conclusions. They're pretty obvious anyway. Good draft, though!

Nick said...
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Nick said...

Thanks for the in-line notes.

Collin Kelley said...

Wowsers! That's got some bite. I like it.

Nick said...

Thanks for the read.

Gerry Boyd said...

Thanks for a great read! Or, perhaps, I should say "rant".

"But she wouldn’t know pathos if it came up
and bit her Pilates - perfected posterior."

That's some controlled comic genius there. Strong close, also.


Nick said...

Glad you read & liked. Thanks.