Monday, May 09, 2005

Stuff You Just Couldn't Make Up!

An on-line friend of mine sent me this link and asked for confirmation of its accuracy. Only my wife (photographed here next to me) can say for sure.


Suzanne said...


Nick said...


I hope you're laughing at the link and not the picture. ;-) LOL!

Kay Day said...

Nick, love the dictionary,
and the photograph is beautiful.

I do think the Internet never ceases to amaze.

best to you and yours,

Nick said...

Believe me, Kay, no one was as amazed as me. By the way why should you be so amazed at the definition. LOL

The dictionary is hysterical and my wife doesn't look too bad in the picture either. ;-)

Nice to see you here again.


P.S.: I must come visit.

loveandsalt said...

You're both damn good looking.

Nick said...

Thank you! I took the liberty of reading some of the posts on your Blog: "Love and Salt" and I hope you wouldn't mind if I were to add your link to mine.


loveandsalt said...

it would be an honor, Nick Bruno!