Friday, May 06, 2005

They Shoot Poets - Don't They( The Namesake)

Repossessed by my muse. Actually, I'm submitting it to several journals. I apologize for retrieving it as it is intrinsically relevant to the Blog's theme. Yes, this blog does have a running theme...Sheesh!


Kay Day said...

Nick, your poem hits on something I've thought about lately. I see more intolerance in poetry now than I used to. Don't know why. When I see mention of Simic's poem, I always think about those great lines about history licking its bloody mouth (I know I'm paraphrasing; can't remember exactly how that line goes.)

This poem is like a video. I enjoyed reading it.--best,Kay

Nick said...


Glad that it struck a chord. The line S2L6 reads: "History licked the corners of its bloody mouth". Great poem by Simic! Gee, I wish I could write like that. Well, a fellow can dream can't he.