Saturday, December 17, 2005

An Informal Survey of Sorts

The inclusion of music clips has been more successful an addition to my blog than I might have predicted. The four clips have been accessed a total of 130 times. Here's a breakdown:

Song Title-------------------------Accessed-----Percent

Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon--------------32----------------24.6%
Strawberry Fields Forever - John Lennon-------------26----------------20.0%
I am a Rock - Simon & Garfunkel---------------------42----------------32.3%
Riders On The Storm - The Doors---------------------30----------------23.1%

Total ---------------------------------------------------130----------------100%

*Of course there is no way to determine how many times any one reader may have accessed a song. For all I know it might just be one person that accessed "I am a Rock" by Simon & Garfunkel 42 times.

I'm not quite sure what that says about my readers per se. Maybe it's par for the course. After all, I assume that my readers are mostly poets and aren't we supposed to be practising a quiet and sullen art (ergo the choice?). Any other theories will be gladly considered.


shann said...

actually I accessed "Riders on the Storm" about 37 times because it inspired me to write a poem.

At my wedding reception where I stayed up until dawn (my husband passed out around 10pm- they tapped the keg about 2pm) I was 'dj', everyone else by that time being also passed out all over our apartment - the in-laws and prudes having been gone-long-time,

anyway- I played "Even in the Quietest Moments" for about four hours, over and over again- and over and over and over-

the crowd was so drunk and otherwise no one cared- it was 1981.

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

I'll confess to about a dozen listens to "I Am A Rock" -- an old theme song & sometime soundtrack. I was going to thank you for posting it. A all-time great song. But, I don't think it was 42 times. I've bookmarked it, though, so I'm sure I'll listen to it again.

Nick said...


Castpost (the site that allows you to post music & video on your blog) gives you a running count of the number of times your clips are accessed. These were the numbers the last time I checked. I just found them interesting and posted the results. "Riders on the Storm" about 37 times...hmmm! Curiouser and curiouser... Great story about your wedding reception by the way.


Thanks for dropping by. Glad that you listened and enjoyed "I am a Rock". As a kid it was a sort of anthem for me. I remember discovering Simon & Garfunkel after listening to "Homeward Bound" for the first time on one of my sister's LP.