Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shenandoah Vol. 55 Number 3: Another Julie Speed Cover

"Woman With Cherries", oil on linen 24" x 24"

This issue includes poetry by:

Brendan Galvin, Maxine Kumin, Elton Glaser, Chi Lam, Tim McBride, Priscilla Atkins, Sara Johnson, Yu Xuanji, Daniel Mark Epstein, Rick Bass, Jay Rogoff, Deborah Bogen, Lynn Strongin, Melissa Morphew, Jim Leininger, Roy Jacobstein & John Engels.

It also includes the winner of the Robert Penn Warren Centennial Prize: Lucy Ferriss, " Robert Penn Warren and Psychological Pastoralism".

In addition to her cover art. This issue includes a portfolio of six of Julie Speed's paintings.


Patry Francis said...

Amazing cover.

Nick said...

Shenandoah's editor, R.T. Smith describes her work as follows:

"Her art comes from a reservoir that is both otherworldly and rooted in our history and its outcomes. Her canvases are both inescapably narrative and elliptical, interrogative and exclamatory."

Of the dozen or so pieces that I've seen I can but marvel at the expressiveness of the eyes in each of the paintings. In each case their depiction bring the subject to life.