Friday, March 17, 2006

This Poem Sounds Good to Me - But Then Again I've Been Drinking Green Beer - So What do I Know?

Undelivered Poem

P.S. : The Poem is in the Process of Being Delivered


Collin said...

You've got something there. Although for some reason I was wanting the last line to be "undertow" rather than "weave." Maybe it was the lake you mentioned earlier.

shann said...

Happy day to you!

I made corned beef and cabbage but mostly because it was on sale- my husband and son loved it- and they can make sandwiches all day tomorrow.

Nick said...


Thanks for the suggestion for the poem. This one literally wrote itself out. I always wonder about poems that seem to have a life of their own.... Hope that you had a nice St. Paddy's.


I'm a corned beef & coleslaw fan myself. Hope you also had a nice one.

MG said...

I like it! But "cerulean skies"...a bit overused. (Try Googling it.)

Nick said...


Thanks for stopping by and reading.