Monday, May 15, 2006

From: "A Consideration of Poetry " by Kay Ryan

"...the poem is a trap—that is a release. It’s a small door to a room full of gold that we can have any time we go through the door, but that we can’t take away. "

* Source: Poetry - May 2006


Collin said...

I can identify with that quote, although most of the time I keep worrying I'm going to come back to the room and it will be empty.

Nick said...

As the author of a poem I worry that the door won't open for enough readers. But yes, I've come back to a poem and it didn't work for me like it did the first time. But then again since the poem is by and large immutable, it is us (the reader) that is the variable. So that I do not worry that the room will be empty but wonder how it will have changed vis a vis my evolving perspective.

Lady Avalanche said...

...and the fact that we can't makes it all so special!