Sunday, May 14, 2006

From The "You Couldn't Make This Up" Department

I recently bought a new barbeque grill. Of course the box included some rather detailed instructions & an owner's manual. The manual's 24 page booklet included four purportedly blank pages. Each page read as follows:

Brought to you by Char-Broil (Keepers of the Flame)


shann said...

heh- I've never encountered that in anything but music-

you see it frequently in collections or accompaniment hymnals- usually because a song is better laid out a certain way (sometimes so you don't have to turn a page) I always think it's funny though-

nate said...

Nick, you've just helped me with a poem I've been working on for about a year... muchos gracias!!

Billy Jones said...

What's ironic is the fact that their explanation for the blank pages is a lie. You see, the manufacture of certain types of books on certain kinds of printing presses require page numbers in multiples of 8 but a 20 page booklet is not a multiple of 8 so they added four blank pages then felt they needed to explain themselves.

Nick said...


Actually I'm thinking of sending out a Chapbook manuscript with about thirty enumerated sheets of "Page Intentionally Blank" . Don't mind me I'm in a minimalist phase. Come to think of it, it would probably be an improvement on my regular submissions, eh? ;-)


Whatever gets you through the night...I'm not sure how but I'm glad that I could help.


Thanks for the explanation. However, I still don't understand why you would need to draw attention to the fact that the pages are blank. But what do I know?

Ernesto said...

I just wrote a review of Schwabsky's [Ways], about pages left intentionally blank.

And I just bought a new portable grill last Saturday. We used it yesterday. Then it rained and we had hotdogs watching the sky fall down...

Nick said...

Ours is a brand—new world of allatonceness. “Time” has ceased, “space” has vanished. We now live in a global village ... a simultaneous happening.

------------------Marshall McLuhan