Saturday, April 21, 2007

NaPoWriMo Update - For Those of You Keeping Score

Day 1. The Song Remains the Same

Day 2. To the Woman Crossing on a Red Light

Day 3. The Changeling

Day 4. Losing My Voice

Day 5. Real Men Don't Write Poetry

Day 6. NaPoMo Blues

Day 7. NaPoMo Blues #7

Day 8. Rather Than Bleat

Day 9. A War of Attrition

Day 10. When Poetry Came

Day 11. Do Zombies Sleep?

Day 12. Do Zombies Fall Asleep by Counting Sheep?

Day 13. Poem Pimp

Day 14. Patellar Reflex

Day 15. The Voice I do Not Have

Day 16. DUD

Day 17. This is a Non-Poem

Day 18. Talking ‘Bout my MSN Generation

Day 19. Do Zombies Read Their Own Obituaries?

Day 20. La Morte Des Expos

* If you missed any of these consider yourself lucky


Billy Jones said...

You've been nominated for the 2007 Poet Laureate of The Blogosphere. Good luck.

Nick said...

Thanks, Billy. You've got some fine talent on that list.